C_R_Z | 2018-09-20

The Chinese fashion brand C_R_Z released the new 2019 spring and summer collection at Milan Fashion Week. C_R_Z draws inspiration from the life concept of young people's cosmeceutical skin care, bringing a very tense design concept to the new series – the drug store, which showcased the drug treatment at Milan Fashion Week. It does not practice alchemy and specially solve millennium fashion issues.

In your lifetime, you must be both beautiful and accomplished . After all, the value of appearance says a lot.Even if you stay up late, you also want to wear the most expensive mask. Nowadays, beauty and good health is the Bible that millennial pursue.According to incomplete statistics, 60% of the cosmetics of 63% of young women are cosmeceutical brands and cosmeceuticals have become the staple for the millennial women in their current lives.Therefore, the fashion brand C_R_Z, consistent with the millennial generation and their values towards life, decided to open a trendy “pharmaceutical shop” to treat modern young people with various fashion illness.

On the show based on the concept of drug store, the fashion brand C_R_Z 2019 spring and summer series debut. It adopts the red, blue and white tone of the Hong Kong classics in the 60s and echoes Chinese traditional beauty culture such as the “Use rose nitrate treats peach-blossom lichen” in the classic Chinese book "Dream of Red Mansions" and“People living nearby mountains deflowered and sold them to powder shop as women cosmetics” in Chinese traditional medicine book "Compendium of Materia Medica", bringing a unique sense of fun.The pure print set expresses the young femininity. The design aims to the target where the millennial generation has two contradictory states: They tend to stay up late while loves facial care and occasionally entertain themselves by joking while feel pessimistic towards life.

The C_R_Z popup store, also based on the concept of drug store, uses a classic red, blue and white color element mixed with transparent PV technology to make the whole space full of playful artistic atmosphere. The costumes released at the Milan Fashion Week show in the spring and summer of 2019 are instantly presented in the store. Series of addictive fun details were also added such as: the best-looking diagnosis record book, cool flower arm's "old Chinese medicine", good-looking theme T-shirt and secret recipe pot including"counter age capsule","appearance-keeping tablets” "water replenishment balls", "eyes clearing balls" and so on. With dazzling, good-looking fashion MAX drug makeup effect, C_R_Z drug store makes you more beautiful and become a must-see place young fashion trends in Milan Fashion Week.

This release show is the first time that the fashion brand C_R_Z has appeared in Milan Fashion Week after upgrading its new image. It is innovative with the concept of the “pharmaceutical shop”, which combines the millennial attitude with the cosmeceutical culture and shows fashionable aesthetics of the millennial generation. The fascinating aesthetics and the voice of “Live It Out Loud” at the Milan Fashion Week for the “Young Chinese Trends”, which not only broke the boundaries between trends and fashion clothes, but also made us see the incredible healing warmth of fashion.