TAORAY WANG’s first studio and Taoray Elite Club

TAORAY WANG | 2019-06-28

Not just a made-to-measure studio, but also the opening of the Taoray Elite Club:

On June 28th, 2019, the high-end made-to-measure TAORAY WANG brand opened its first global studio in Shanghai’s Columbia Circle. After 10 seasons of shows at New York Fashion Week, TAORAY WANG has opened their first studio to help provide custom designing services for leading women in their respective industries. At the studio’s opening ceremony, TAORAY WANG founder and CEO Wang Tao also announced the creation of the Taoray Elite Club.

The Shanghai location was chosen to remember the “made in Shanghai”quality of TAORAY WANG products:

CEO Wang Tao having a combined eastern and western cultural background and TAORAY WANG also experiencing historical moments in the US, is also the first “made in Shanghai” brand. In fact, TAORAY WANG also showed its made in Shanghai items on various New York Fashion Week shows. Thus, the first TAORAY WANG studio settled in Shanghai. Although numerous TAORAY WANG customers come from all over the globe, CEO Wang Tao insisted on choosing Shanghai to truly embody the “made in Shanghai” quality.

TAORAY WANG services are not just about clothes:

Custom clothing designing, especially those like TAORAY WANG of made-to-measure, quality focus brands, require an entire process of pre-scheduling, communication, choosing materials, and creation of 4 to 6 weeks. Besides receiving a final unique product, the service process is even more delightful. Several TAORAY WANG clients have become close friends of CEO Wang Tao, who as a leading woman herself, truly understand her clients and know how to create the items they want at a deeper personal connection. Thus, the TAORAY WANG studio provides not just a luxurious custom designing experience.

TAORAY WANG Shanghai Studio:

TAORAY WANG’s first studio uses a modern design concept that plays around with the various dimensions within the building. The entrance filled with mirrors on all sides of the walls and ceiling creates a dreamlike experience for when our clients first enter. At the open display are, clients walk past 10 seasons of show designs, providing a brief overview to clients. In the VIP section, there is a personal designing room for custom fitting. Additionally, the studio also has a bar area and open conference room to also serve as a location for women leaders to meet and network within the Taoray Elite Club.

Not just about the brand but also women empowerment:

The greatly accomplished designer Wang Tao, legendarily, created 3 internationally known brands at the same time. She not only asks for the best quality in her designs, but she is always pushing for women empowerment in her communities. The opening of the Taoray Elite Club is meant to create even more communities and opportunities to allow women to push for leadership in their respective industries.