TAORAY WANG | 2019-02-09

The biannual US New York Fashion Week 2019 Fall/Winter Fashion Week opened from February 4th to 13th in the United States.This season's Fashion Week has a total of 22 overseas Chinese designer brands and Chinese local designer brands debut densely in New York, destined to make the New York Fashion Week become the platform of Chinese fashion power.Among many Chinese designers, Wang Tao from Shanghai has attracted more attention from the media.Wang Tao is the only Chinese designer to enter the Council of Fashion Designers of America(CFDA), and has the title of “Queen of Suits” in the industry.This season's launching conference is Wang Tao's 10th season release show in New York.The clothing she designed reflects the iconic exquisite minimalism, which is both stable and agile, and is deeply favored by intellectual women.

At the press conference on the 9th, a number of Trump family members came to the show and attracted media attention, including Wang Tao’s loyal fans, Trump’s little daughter Tiffany and Tiffany’s mother Mara Maples, Tiffany's boyfriend Michael Poros and Trump's son, junior Trump's girlfriend, Kimberly Gil Foyle, etc.Many "first family" members came to the show for support and drew more attention than the launching conference itself. Many invited guests and spectators took photos around the "first family" members, and the security guards had to be severely dissuaded.

Tiffany was wearing a deep purple velvet dress from the TAORAY WANG brand at the 9th conference. In addition to cheering for her favorite designer, Tiffany seemed to deliberately blame for the false rumors that she and her father "draw a line" on the Internet.Four days ago, when Tiffany’s father and US President Trump made their second State of the Union address in Congress since his presidency, Tiffany’s white suit had caused a lot of controversy because Trump’s main"political rival" Pelosi, Speaker of the House and many other Democratic Party members dressed in white costumes to express support for feminism.Tiffany is also wearing a white dress which surprised netizens. Tiffany is going to "clear the boundaries" with his father and "unify the front with the Democratic Party."

At the 9th launching conference, Trump’s second wife, Tiffany’s mother, Mara Maples, sat next to Tiffany, wearing a TAORAY WANG branded cream bandeau suit.It seems that Tiffany has"infected" his dressing tastes to the people around him.Wang Tao revealed in an interview with this reporter that under the recommendation of a loyal VIP customer, Tiffany learned about the TAORAY WANG brand and personally came to Wang Tao's release show in New York Fashion Week in September 2016 and became a VIP customer of TAORAY WANG and then became a friend with Wang Tao.Tiffany was wearing TAORAY WANG clothing at the Trump campaign for presidential debate and presidential inauguration, first State of the Union address,White House Christmas lighting ceremony, Easter and many other important occasions.Under the influence of Tiffany, Trump's son, Trump's girlfriend, former Fox TV anchor, Kimberly Gil Foyle also became the VIP customers of TAORAY WANG.

As the only Chinese designer who has been on New York Fashion Week for ten consecutive times, Wang Tao said that she has a lot to say to Chinese designers who aim at the international stage.As China's economic strength continues to grow, Chinese fashion and Chinese design forces have gradually attracted the attention of the world.But just paying attention is not enough. Only more and more people are willing to wear the clothes of Chinese designers will Chinese design truly enter international stage and the "Chinese national fashion" really rises.This is why Wang Tao insisted on using "made in shanghai" as his label.Wang Tao hopes to push the gold-plated brand made in Shanghai to the international market, “leading Chinese fashion back to the international fashion stage and letting the world see the charm of Shanghai”,he said.